for the easily distracted

As you have probably guessed from the title of this blog I have a very short attention span.  It is not ADD or anything like that, I simply get distracted relatively easily and am interested in so many things that I find it hard to focus my concentration on one.

In the past I have set up blogs about a passion of mine; which have slowly fallen to the wayside because I have not lost interest in that thing, but am not pursuing it with the vigor that I once was.  Therefore interest in maintaining a blog about this one thing became difficult.

I then decided this morning, after waking and not being able to get back to sleep again, to see if I could maintain a blog about ALL of the things I get interested in.  That I could just blog about what I love – be it photography, art, mixed media, vintage, second-hand living, London, cemeteries, collecting, making, comics, hamsters, food, music, film, documentary, television, teaching, the media, culture, politics, religion … the list could go on.

This will almost become the online scrapbook of my mind, documenting my thoughts and finds.

We’ll see how it goes shall we?


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