the art of the movie poster

I woke up about 2 hours before I should have done, needed to rush to the loo and then couldn’t get S’mouse songs out of my head.  So I came downstairs, cranked up the heating (it’s so cold in our flat) and started Stumbling (while watching my favourite comedy show – the O’Reilly Factor!).

I came across this article about movie poster design on Gizmodo.  It’s a brilliant collection of movie posters and a typological study of similarities!  This is probably my favourite in the sense that it’s also quite disturbing:

Unfortunately I’m also seeing a proliferation of Olly Moss style posters popping up everywhere.  It seems that the big companies haven’t resorted to using them for their campaigns yet (and I doubt they will to be honest) however I do feel that the ‘vintage’ and ‘minimalist’ redesign of film posters is becoming a tad trite.  Which is a real pity as I love Olly Moss’s work and I also love a lot of the other posters of this style.

Some of my favourite Olly Moss designs:

You can certainly see what my colour scheme is can’t you?

So what do you think? Is there a proliferation of this kind of design now?


I think they ARE clever – however I don’t think they’ll ever seep into the mainstream.  I can’t imagine seeing posters like this outside our multi-plexes somehow.


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