Mad Men …

Last week at work while I was begging the reprographics guy to print off a load of stuff for me at the last minute, I was treated to a flick through his box of paper ephemera.  Now I’ve been an avid collector of paper ephemera for a while now and my collection of weird shizzle is growing. He found a box of old magazines on the street with some gorgeous 1950s adverts in there.  So he’s letting me pick my favourites and he’s going to photocopy them in colour for me 🙂 wheeeeee.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite ‘vintage’ adverts from around the web here:

Projection equipment!

If you don’t drink Coke you’ll be subjected to a lifetime of carrying jock’s books and never getting the girl.

They should be in the loft smoking pipesI found this one in an old Ideal Home Exhibition magazine – I love images of ‘men with pipes’ – my dad used to smoke a pipe and I loved the way he used it as a means to punctuate his sentences, point at things and use it to think! There are so many images from the 1950s – 1970s of men with pipes – I started collecting some images here and here.

She's got stinky breath!She may be able to play the ukulele but she’s got stinky breath!  (from a collection of Atlantic Monthlies that I picked up from the 1920s)

How pretty is this?  From the Library of Congress collection.

Look how happy she is – she’s going regularly and now she can pick figs and smile (is it me or do those figs look a bit like a pair of purple testicles?)


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