a waste of my time and theirs …

I’ve made a decision.  I can’t keep responding to every comment I get on Pinterest that abuses my beliefs.  I really can’t.  It’s exhausting me and taking me away from more important things like getting myself well and healthy; and my work!

So this is possibly the last one.  Don’t worry – I won’t stop posting my views and opinions on here – and sharing some interesting comments if I get them.  I just won’t engage in a battle of words that result in a metaphorical bashing of heads against brick walls.

Jesus was a zombie

Now – there is actually nothing in this that I believe is an untruth.  Ok, it’s not brilliantly written but it’s quite funny and sums up one view about what Christianity is – right?

Here we go:



X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography Cool – I’m happy with hell – all the cool people will be there. By the way – turn off your caps lock!

X Thumbnail of Brandy UmfleetBrandy Umfleet Polstar, I will see you in HELL!!!! 😉

X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography I’ll bring the snacks.

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser They don’t call it hell because it’s a party. Why would you go there willingly?

X Thumbnail of Brandy UmfleetBrandy Umfleet You cannot go somewhere that doesnt exist… Sorry, but its impossible.

X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography Rebecca Keyser – because far more interesting people will be there than in heaven!

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser Interesting … maybe. Just makes me sad for you. I can’t wish you well, or tell you to enjoy your stay because well, it’s Hell… like I said, it’s not going to be a good time, interesting people or not. And if I am the type in Heaven you wish to avoid, all I can say is you don’t know interesting.

X Thumbnail of Shafter N Amanda BaileyShafter N Amanda Bailey It is called Hell for a reason.You think you will see all the “cool” people there, but all will be in so much pain and suffering you won’t even recognize who they are, or yourself.

X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography sounds like a normal night out for me

X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography my body has died once and been brought back to life – I have all the evidence I need.

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser No, if your body died, you’d be dead.

X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography Oh sorry – I’m wrong about that too aren’t I? I forgot – I can never be right.

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser Well, yeah, you’re wrong about that. As far as never being right, you’re in charge of that being a truth.

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser Someone recently said to me, “a life here with Jesus Christ is the only hell we will ever experience. A life here withOUT Jesus Christ is the only Heaven we will ever experience.

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser I had to repost my original quote. i think the “includes” was wrong… so I took that out. Not sure I have the wording exact, so I hope I’m bringing the same point across with their quote.

X Thumbnail of Brandy UmfleetBrandy Umfleet Rebecca, do u honestly think you have anything to say that hasn’t already been said? What you fail to realize is that we have seen both sides already… Atheism vs religion… Have you?

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser I haven’t failed to realize any of that. Doesn’t mean I won’t try. I am not trying to make you or anyone, do anything. I am simply doing what I believe, which is speaking the truth to those around me. I do it because God has called me to, as His child. It would be nice, if you’d truly listen to the truths with the open minds you claim to have, but I can’t force any of you to. Here I’m simply answering your replies which seem to me to be as negative as your belief systems. Why you’re against my beliefs, is none of my business. But I can’t help but assume it’s because you don’t want to hold any accountability in this life with God. It’s easier to say “I don’t believe it” and just do whatever you want with no eternal consequence.

X Thumbnail of Brandy UmfleetBrandy Umfleet Let me ask you something Rebecca… Do you believe that I “sin” more than you do because I am an atheist?

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser Not at all. I believe no one sin is greater than another. So there is no one who is less sinful than another. In God’s eyes, sin is sin, no matter what the sin. And Jesus died to pay for our sins, so if you accept him as your Savior, then your sins are payed for.

X Thumbnail of Polstar Photography Polstar Photography Rebecca – firstly I should have made it clearer – I was clinically dead as opposed to biologically dead. Something I can prove from my medical records with many contemporary witnesses. However your belief in a man who was apparently biologically dead then resurrected has no contemporary witnesses to prove this matter – the earliest records being from Paul approximately two decades following this event. Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer. As for your point that we are closed minded because we are atheists. What you fail to take into account is that many of us are raised in Christian or theist households. To open our minds to atheism and the belief that there may not be a god actually makes us open minded! I was raised in a theist household, not the most conventional, however this is my background. In my teens I was christened and confirmed as a born again Christian. I believed. However events in my life, my reading, my research has opened my mind to the belief that there is no god. Your last response to Brandy makes no sense. If you accept Jesus as your saviour then your sins are paid for? What about the sins you commit after you accept him as your saviour? Do you get away with them? Because honestly – you ARE going to sin – no matter how small. Also – I think it’s sad that you talk about ‘accountability’. I don’t need accountability to live a good life. I don’t need to do good deeds here on earth because there could be an ‘eternal consequence’. I do good deeds because it’s my moral choice. I don’t need accountability in order to behave like a normal, decent human being. Who nurtures, mentors, assists and helps my fellow man and woman. I don’t worry about whether I’m going to heaven or hell. I only worry that I’m not doing enough because I know that there are people in the world worse off than me. The promise of eternal life in heaven doesn’t keep me going, helping others, living a decent life – ‘do what thou wilt an’ it harm none’. That’s how I live my life. I do what I want to do and as far as I can I try not to hurt others. That’s not to say I haven’t hurt others. I have – but I try not to. I hope that makes some sense.

X Thumbnail of Rebecca KeyserRebecca Keyser Like I said, you’ll make your own choices, I’m not here to change them. Just here stating what I believe, because I believe it to be true. I agree with you on the point of living as a good person simply because you want to be a good person… not for accountability reasons. I also agree, we all continue to sin even after we’re saved. And yes, Jesus paid for all of our sins, past, present and future. Because I love Jesus, I want to be more like Him (not because I have to, but because I want to). Knowing that He died for me, how could I not want to be more like what He died for me to be? I do that out of love for Him…. not because I want to earn my way to Heaven. I did say above, something on accountability. What I meant was that it has been my experience with athiests (the ones who admit this to be true), that they feel as though if there is a God they will be held accountable for their lives. A point which you admitted yourself when you wrote “do what thou wilt an’ it harm none’ as being the way you live your life. You believe that your actions and wants harm none… and that is just not true. Your posting here harms many, whether you “believe” that or not.

X Thumbnail of Polstar PhotographyPolstar Photography How does it harm? This is my board, this is my belief. You CHOOSE to search out my pins. You CHOOSE to comment. You could walk on by and ignore but you don’t. Your religion has hurt many many people the world over. This is a democracy that we live in right? So I am allowed to have my views right? I’m allowed to place my views in a space where people don’t have to look if they don’t want to right? So, in order for any Christian who wants to have a bit of a rant towards atheists YOU have to come looking for me. RIGHT? So I am NOT deliberately hurting anyone. These images, views, posts etc. are posted all over the internet – you could stumble upon them any time. ‘Do what thou wilt an’ it harm none’ means intentional harm. I don’t mean any intentional harm. I mean to simply state my point of view which I am allowed to do in a democratic free society. My point of view is that Christianity is the worship of a Jewish zombie. Where am I wrong? If you believe in the resurrection you believe that a Jewish man came back to life – he was a zombie! You symbolically eat his flesh right? Where, please tell me, is anything incorrect in the cartoon I posted? Actually don’t. Because I really am too tired, and too sick to deal with this any more. I refuse to be beaten from Pinterest or from posting my own views on here, however I am too tired to keep responding to every negative comment I get. I was going to go to Christian boards and tell people how beautiful some of the passages they post are. Because I do believe that some of the bible is beautiful: http://pollysshortattention… but I really am too busy to keep up this level of discussion on a daily basis. Sorry if I come off angry and frustrated but I am sick. I am also very tired of figuratively bashing my head against a brick wall. I will not apologise for causing any offense because to be truthful, your organised religion has caused way more to be offended about around the world. However I do apologise for engaging you in this obvious waste of my time and yours.


I’ve lost any sort of patience with them I really have.

I thought by being flippant and facetious they’d leave me alone.  How wrong I was.

Still I think I make some sound points that are sorely missed and/ or ignored.

Oh well.

I’ll keep you up to date with any other crazy comments I get but I think this will be the last of my verbal battles on Pinterest.



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