An apology …

I made a mistake.  If you read this post here you will read about a series of verbal attacks I got on Pinterest regarding my perceived ‘USA-bashing’ and provocative attacks on Christians.

I have to hold my hands up and admit, that after writing that post, I stopped reading anything that had her name on it if it arrived in my inbox.  I was tired of dealing with irrationality and insults in caps.

Well – to my shame – I missed her revoking one of her most provocative comments and I do, sincerely, regret that.

The pin was about the Westboro Baptist Church and how they are even more batshit crazy than the KKK.  She originally stated:

It is a cult! Im a Christian and strongly agree with their actions but let the ignorant believe what they will, who are we to judge.

Obviously I balked at the ‘Im a Christian and strongly agree with their actions …’ – however this was a typo so here’s her comment that I stupidly ignored:

So I apologise for that.

However …

I do not agree with the other part of the original comment: but let the ignorant believe what they will, who are we to judge.

Well – if we all go around letting the ignorant believe what they will and not judge, what will happen then?  Women would not have the vote.  Segregation would still be in operation.  Homosexuality would still be illegal.  The age of consent would still be 12 … what else?  I DO judge ignorance because there is no excuse for it.  When I get something wrong then I DO admit it.  And I get things wrong all the time.  It’s part of learning – that’s how you learn.

One last thing – in Julie’s comment below the original blog post she stated that I didn’t copy EVERYTHING that was said – well just follow the links on the pins and you’ll find them.  I didn’t want to copy wholesale as then I’m just lifting and posting.  Surely writing is about editing and commentary.  Yes I’m biased, of course I am, but I’m not going to hide the originals from everyone – so go see!




  1. Thank you! I was on a rant as well and I obviously strongly believe in certain things and made it known how much I disagreed. I apologize for going to your page and letting loose and for letting it get to me so bad. Additionally, when I stated “but let the ignorant believe what they will, who are we to judge.” I was referring to the insain behavior of the Westboro Church klan. Their behavior is unacceptable but along with many things their actions are not being serverly reprimanded and its obvious nobody is going to change their minds.

    Anyways, thank you for the apology and I apologize for my behavior as well, and looking back now I can respectfully agree to disagree (on many things). ha We were obviously raised different and have different beliefs, that which makes this world so wonderful. I wish you the best in life and again apologize for my previous offensive behavior. Have a great day!


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