Thrifty clothing

On Friday I was discussing waste with my Year 7 PSHE class.  One girl stated that her mother never lets her throw anything away and that she has to send all her unwanted clothes to charity shops.  Later on in the lesson I ‘revealed’ that I usually only buy 2 or 3 ‘new’ items of clothing a year – that the rest of my clothing is second hand.  At the time I was wearing a Ted Baker skirt that cost me £4.50 and a M&S top that cost me £2.50.  Her (and other students’) responses were unbelievable.  Stating that it was ‘disgusting’ to wear other peoples’ clothes, that only poor people wear second-hand clothes etc.  I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked after all, clothes are definitely a status symbol amongst young people – however it did upset me that they didn’t see why wearing second-hand is a positive thing.

But they are children.  Once, when I was working at a school I HATED, a member of the department stated how they LOVED my style.  I thanked them and said that it was mostly second-hand … her response?  ‘and you’re proud about that?’ – WHAT????????? Seriously.  I don’t understand some people.  YES, I am proud of my second-hand style. 


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