I’ve very lucky that I live in a country where I can have an abortion.  I am in a relationship with a man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, I take birth control and we are careful.  However one day we might be unlucky and due to a stomach bug or me forgetting one day to take my pill I could get pregnant.  I would not make a good parent – I’ve never wanted children and if I fell pregnant I know that I would always hold it against the child for taking away my freedom.  I would have the option to have an abortion.

If I was on the poverty line unable to support a child and give it the life it deserved I could have an abortion – there are enough unwanted children in this country – why add another one to live in care?

If I was raped I wouldn’t want to bring a child born of hate and violence into the world; I could have an abortion.

Because I live in a the modern country.  I live in a country that supports women.

I live in a country where I get FREE contraception!  I am allowed to discuss, for free, with my GP which birth control suits me without having my sex life being scrutinised.

So why am I writing about this?  Well as you know I’m very interested in US politics – and this issue has really caught my attention because it fascinates me that such a new country could be so backward when it comes to birth-control and women’s health issues.

Obviously Todd Akin’s quote about ‘legitimate rape’ and how the body can ‘shut down’ so that a woman doesn’t become pregnant has brought the issue back in the public eye again.  I cannot believe that a country like this is even using terms like ‘legitimate rape’.  When is rape NOT legitimate?  And a quote like Akin’s is so dangerous when I woman reports a rape and gets pregnant.  Does this mean that she couldn’t have been so stressed that her body didn’t ‘shut down’ and therefore she couldn’t have been raped?

Why are MEN even debating this issue?

I have a lot more to say on this however I MUST get ready for work – I will be back to rant some more – I want to find a Rachel Maddow clip that I heard on Best of the Left podcast to add to this.



  1. ahhh, the beauty of – for the time being anyway – living in a country where we DO get to have options and choices. I am curious though; how you will feel when you have no freedoms left and can’t even bash all those who disagree with you? It’s a honest question – is part of the rush, the thrill of demeaning others that don’t share your views, that it’s totally within your purview because you DO get to have an opinion…for the moment?

    I’m just curious – i don’t really understand people who bash over the head others who don’t share their view. You seem fairly intelligent; am hoping you’ll have an intelligent answer because I don’t get it. Why berate people if they disagree? Why is Romney a douchebag anymore so than the communist obama who quite obviously has nothing but hate for this country that he “commands” and I use that term pretty darn loosely – the only thing he is commander of is a bunch of horse poop but whatever.

    Nobody is perfect but certainly shouldn’t we have people in positions of authority that are at least committed to protecting and defending your right to have a continued freedom of speech?

    Just looking for an answer – NOT a bashing; I truly don’t understand these views.


  2. Hey I’ve only just read this so sorry for my late response.

    Firstly I don’t understand where you felt that I was ‘bashing’ anyone who didn’t agree with me? I don’t think there was a personal attack just an attempt at trying to understand why anyone would use the term ‘legitimate rape’.

    I berate those with a different view to mine because their views are restrictive, conservative and disrespectful to women. I believe, as a woman, that this is our body and NO MAN has a right to decide how I treat it or what I do with it. So Todd Aitkin and his ‘views’ are there to be berated. And let’s face it, it wasn’t re-elected, so it wasn’t like everyone agreed with his opinions.

    I’m not bashing you and to be honest I didn’t think my post was a bashing of anyone.

    You said:
    “Nobody is perfect but certainly shouldn’t we have people in positions of authority that are at least committed to protecting and defending your right to have a continued freedom of speech?”

    Yes of course I agree with freedom of speech and am thankful that this right meant that people saw Todd Aitkin for the man he is.

    I really don’t understand what your comment is trying to say to me. I am exercising my freedom of speech, to communicate my opinion. There wasn’t really any ‘bashing’ as such except Todd Aitkin is an uninformed waste of space (in fact I’m bashing more here).


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