Anno Dracula – Kim Newman

Anno Dracula (Anno Draculae #1)Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never see the point of retelling the story in a review so I’ll just say what I think of it.

I’m sure you can guess as I gave it 5 stars! I’ve been wanting to read this for quite a while now but never got round to it – but while listening to a Wittertainment podcast (Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode) Mr K mentioned his friend Kim Newman and it reminded me to download this book and finally get round to reading it.

The joy in reading Anno Dracula is partly recognising the characters mentioned. Being a very novice ripperologist it was fun to read this familiar story being weaved amongst vampire mythology. Newman also drops in characters from other contemporary fiction such as Jekyll & Hyde and Dracula as well as a passing nod to other notables who stalked and sauntered through the streets of London during Queen Victoria’s reign. I highly recommend reading the Annotations at the end of the book as it reveals many of the other characters who some of us may not have heard of (but promptly have looked up!).

Perhaps it’s my fascination with all things associated with London, Jack the Ripper, Vampires, Sherlock Holmes and Victoriana that made me fall in love with this novel so much but I also was gripped but the storming narrative that drives the reader through this crazy, imagined, mashed-up world.

If you, like me, love these things and are willing to immerse yourself in the (almost) ridiculous I highly recommend you pick this book up straightaway.

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