The Key to Erebus – Emma V. Leech and Rosin O’Connor

The Key to Erebus (Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend)The Key to Erebus by Emma V. Leech

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A few years ago a girl came onto the scene called Buffy. Buffy killed vampires. She had a best friend who was a witch. Her friend who was a witch dated a werewolf. Buffy may have killed vampires but she also went out with two. She had a sister who was a ‘key’. Her other friend, Xander, went out with a demon.

If you have read The Key To Erebus all of this will sound VERY familiar.

There is nothing new, ground-breaking or at all exciting about this novel. It is vampire romance schtick by numbers. The emasculation of male vampires in popular culture recently has gone from the unique (Angel and Spike) to the ridiculous (Edward Cullen and Corvus) and this novel suffers greatly for it.

Although it is not original, the storyline to this novel has some promise. A young woman returns to France and discovers the world isn’t quite as she thought it was. So far so good. When she faces the ‘supes’ for the first time you really feel that there is some potential. But the love story that unfolds between Lehanne and her vampire lover is simply annoying. It’s going well, it’s going well … ahhhh … she throws a strop again. It’s going well, it’s going well … ahhh … strop time. Now, you’d expect the leader of a family, ancient vampire etc. etc. to just tell her to sod right off and find someone else to annoy but NO. When did male vampires become SO pathetic?

And don’t even start me on the almost self-referential nod to Twilight. It was as if the authors decided that if they mentioned it no-one could accuse them of running behind on the coat-tails of this flawed but successful series of books.

Oh I know I’m sounding cruel and unkind, and to be fair I probably am. Afterall I didn’t abandon the book, in fact I carried on reading right to the end (but couldn’t bring myself to read the ‘exclusive sneak preview of the second book’) so I must have enjoyed something about it.

So what did I like? I thought Ines was an interesting character but it was too convenient that she kept ‘popping off’ and ‘disappearing’ when things were getting tough as it allowed the romance to blossom.
Rodney is adorable and I think I would only read the second book to find out more about him.
I loved the fact that the book was set in France also.

So there you go, that’s it for me, no more vampire romances unless an author agrees to allow the male vampire to keep his balls in tact.

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