Yup – another new obsession – this time it’s cross stitch!

It’s been a while (again) but work has really been spanking my ass lately.
At the moment I’m on half-term and am convalescing after an operation. It’s all ok just a bit sore and tired now.
A few months ago I thought I’d give cross-stitch a go. With patchwork I have to go into the studio/ office/ study to use the sewing machine however, with cross stitch it’s a lot more portable and I can sit in front of the TV and do it! Always a bonus.
As usual Pinterest came up trumps.
I found a wonderful website (unfortunately no longer being updated) with some beautiful pieces:
You can find the website, gazette94, here

The image I’ve included is a Scandinavian style heart that I’m currently working on (and nearly finished):
(this image is from when I first started – it’s looking ok although I’ve made a couple of mistakes)

I thought I’d try and create some of my own designs and found an app for my iPad called StitchSketch which is quite easy to use and provides you with different colour charts for different embroidery threads.
I’ve taken some screen shots from the app so you can see the DMC thread colours I’d use:

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 00.10.13

So I designed these borders in my favourite colours – red and blue. I haven’t stitched these yet but I thought I’d add them in case anyone wants to have a go. I haven’t worked out how to do these as ‘proper patterns’ for people to use but if anyone can have a go at these I’d love to see your results. Obviously they are ‘all rights reserved’ and it would be nice if people linked back to this website if you use any of my charts and they’re not used commercially (although if you ask nicely I’ll think about it!).
I also thought I’d give a fox a go so here’s my little fox that I designed as well:

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 00.10.40
Again I’ve not stitched it myself yet but see if it works. Hopefully it will!

Finally – I did a Halloween ‘mash-up’ of a few charts I found on Pinterest – I’ll link to the original charts underneath:

The ‘owls’ are from here: Revalry
The border and bird is a freebie from here: Primitive Bettys
The house and tree is adapted from the free Creepy Hollow chart here: Stitcheree

The lettering is my own!


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