Book Review – Conversations With Spirits – E.O. Higgins

Conversations with SpiritsConversations with Spirits by E.O. Higgins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m unsure whether I was reading the same book as other reviewers because I was severely disappointed by this debut novel from Goodreads author E.O. Higgins. As you can probably see from my reading list I like books that follow the same themes. I also know Broadstairs quite well so was excited to read a book based predominantly there. Please believe me when I say I really wanted to like this book – I follow E.O. Higgins on Goodreads and he seems like a lovely chap.
Unfortunately Conversations With Spirits failed on so many levels for me. So little of any significance happened that half way through the book I would have given up if it wasn’t against my own (stupid) rules of not giving up on a book if I’ve gotten half way through. There were long descriptive passages which lacked finesse or interest – they didn’t add anything to the narrative. I didn’t engage with most of the characters – they were two -dimensional and lacked depth. Finally the denouement was quite clunky and reminiscent of an Agatha Christie, but without enough twists and turns to be interesting.
I’m so sorry for disliking this book because I really, really wanted to.

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