some photos I have taken …

I have 1720 photos to go through from Rome … I’ve only tackled some of the Cimitero Monumentale del Verano photos so far.  I couldn’t wait to photograph the Gilulio Monteverde sculpture on his family tomb there.  It took ages to find but with the help from a chain-smoking, Ray-Ban wearing, turtle-necked, leather jacketed Italian guide we eventually found it.

CimiteriDelVerano (40 of 42) CimiteriDelVerano (41 of 42) CimiteriDelVerano (42 of 42)

It’s going to take me a while to go through the rest of the photographs.  I’ll be posting them here:

(I really can’t seem to write coherently at the moment)

I photographed a gig recently (well about 3 weeks ago).  My friend, Jamie, was playing at Alleycats in Denmark Street, so I went along to get depressed!  As always, he was excellent:

badwolfetc (7 of 11)-L

You can find him on Twitter: and hear him on Soundcloud:

Then we had the splendidly happy Jean-Genie’s Massive Hugs.

badwolfetc (6 of 30)-L

I love this woman – she’s one of the happiest people I have ever met.

They were followed by Nina Baker:

badwolfetc (15 of 30)-L

I’m a sucker for the sound of a woman with a piano … I must check out more of her music.

And then Son of a Lumber Jack who rocked!

badwolfetc (21 of 30)-L

Finally it was Bad Wolf.  I’d chatted to Simon and Matthias before they went on and really liked the guys … I hate it if I meet a band before I hear them play and then don’t like their music.  I’m not very good at covering my real feelings!  My facial expressions are way too expressive.

Now I’m not going to gush, but I really did love them.  I love having band crushes where I just want to listen to their music and enthuse to everyone and their dog how brilliant this band are (WHY hadn’t I heard of them sooner?).  Caffy (from Rocklands), Sam and I all agreed that it was like the old days with Officer Kicks (where we all met).  The lyrics, riffs and just energy spoke to me – especially the lyrics (although I wasn’t really aware of these during the gig, continuous play of their first album has opened my ears!).

badwolfetc (41 of 50)-L badwolfetc (40 of 50)-L


And they’re playing again next week! WHOOP!


Anyway I really can’t seem to write at the moment (still too early in the morning) so I’ll leave this now.

Go to: and download their album (give them some money for it too!).

Love live music.




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