Going through the archives #1

Yes, insomnia strikes again.  This week seems to revolve around 3am starts.

Yesterday on a drive home I was talking to a colleague again about how different my life would had been if I hadn’t have started photographing gigs.

Why not start at the beginning?  The first gig I photographed was The Dresden Dolls at The Roundhouse.  My dear friend Pixie was coming to the UK with them and was staying with me in London.  She got me AAA passes and this is how I did on my first ever nights of photographing bands.  I think I might have been spoiled by the the experience and the lighting!!!! After that it was mostly back to small venues, red lights and pushing my film speed to its highest limits.  But the whole experience was just crazy, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t know really what the limits of my camera were, but I just gave it a go.  I wish I hadn’t ‘over-edited’ these photographs and hope one day I can find the originals, but it was a massive learning curve (and one which I’m still on).

1_3 1_5



Brian_Viglione3__Dresden_Dolls_by_Polstar_Photography Brian_Viglione4__Dresden_Dolls_by_Polstar_Photography


I’ve got better ones but I need to do a bit more hunting!

And then I found these (I thought I’d lost them!). Brian used one of my photos on his Myspace and we got chatting.  When he came over to London with Jesse Malin we met up for the first time:


(I think I was doing the ‘trout-pout’ ironically – at least I hope I was).IMG_0418 IMG_0419

He was sucking my brains out and squishing my face up!

Since then we’ve met up every time he’s been to the UK and indulged in tapas, noodles, oysters and paddling in the sea in Brighton.

And then this one is from the last time when he was over with the Violent Femmes back in June this year.

This time we ate … oh yeah … noodles again!

14423343016_6f971ab0f8_oMy, haven’t we both changed a little bit in those 7 years!

Photographing The Dresden Dolls seriously changed my life.  I became friends with Birdeatsbaby because of it (in a roundabout way via Mister Joe Black) and believe me … my life would have been VERY different without those guys.

I wouldn’t have started photographing gigs, I wouldn’t have met Officer Kicks, Caffy, Tristan, Marrizles, Deptford Army, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Rachael … arghhhhhh how different things would have been if those two nights at the Roundhouse had never happened.


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