We Are Exploding in Film Art Music Entertainment

Much love for The Zine


December 2014 – Chapter 3/Number3 is already creating new futures: Quite a bit of it in London, where some of The Zine team are based. With our Chapter 1 talents raising their profile within a year, the power of under radar music is proven. Freshly uploaded, Chapter 3 makes Spring/Summer 2015 buzz in advance. True movement.

IMG_2177Starting a live music venue from scratch at Number3London; as we are setting up, is that Bruno Wizard of The Homosexuals or Jimmy Johnson of CuT with our music editor, Dizzy Spell?

29 bOn that evening (Friday 5th December), four inspirational bright young things came together; (left to right) Film creative, Elisabeth Rasmussen, musician/promoter/radio presenter Jean Genie Graham, musician/dj Kalamity Kate and photographer, Polly Harvey who is one of The Zine’s Chapter 3 photographers.

Number3Live Sessions are go. Soon after, Chapter 1 cover stars, Rhiannon The Nightmare play live with James Fisher (who also does a photo session…

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