I hate to think which number blog this is that I’ve set up – I’ve always tried blog about just one of my interests or passions however that hasn’t worked out; because of my short attention span.  I get excited about an interest or a hobby, turn that interest or hobby into an all consuming passion of mine and then something else comes along.  Therefore creating a blog about one thing probably wasn’t the way to go!  As I don’t want to make money or get a career from my blogging it seems sensible to just have a blog to become the scrapbook of my mind.

I generally write about things that have sparked conversation on Pinterest, especially political or religious pins.  I am a liberal.  I am an atheist.  I’m a feminist and a vegetarian.  Pinterest gets bad press I think because of the number of people women who have boards planning their weddings even if they’re not engaged.  I don’t understand this personally – I’ve had a wedding – it was fun – I don’t intend on having another one if I can help it. However there are a few of us who like the more subversive side of Pinterest and if you read some of my posts on here you’ll see that I have gotten myself into some verbal scrapes with people right-wing Christians.

You may only visit my blog to look at the post about Sheldon Cooper – that’s fine – but if you want to read more I can blather quite (in)eloquently about a number of things.

So welcome etc. etc. etc.

My 66 (and counting) boards on Pinterest probably demonstrate how erratic my mind can be sometimes.


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