Quilty and patchworky

My patchwork brain …

Having a short attention span can be very frustrating for those around me – especially if they had to pay for my new and exciting obsession each time it changed.  Thankfully I am self-financing so I can indulge myself when I get over-excited over a new project.  This month it’s patchwork and quilting!

A few weeks ago we had a quilter come in to the textiles department to do some workshops with the Year 9s.  As a lot of my tutor group were in the workshop I decided to join in and they taught me the techniques.  Oops. Since then I have grown my stash of fat quarters, bought a new rotary cutter, quilting ruler and foot for my sewing machine.  I’ve made 6 large blocks of different designs and I’m planning two quilts for my friends’ children.

However its my followers on Pinterest I worry about – they must wonder why I’ve suddenly started posting image upon image of quilts and fabric!

You can see all the tutorials and inspirations I’ve posted here:

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 04.11.40

And now for some fabric porn:

 Circus Bicycles - pennycandy - makes me think of the White Stripes

Circus Bicycles – pennycandy – makes me think of the White Stripes

So there are my six picks for the day – Spoonflower could bankrupt me!

Some more of my favourite fabrics can be found here:

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 04.13.17