Deptford Market

It’s been a while since I’very been rummaging on the junk market – there’s been some grotty weather that has kept the stall-holders away. So yesterday I was quite excited to go and it was fairly successful:

Woman's own doll
I found this rag doll hidden in a box on Peter’s stall. I remember having one of these Woman’s Own dolls when I was little. It’s from 1982 and I can’t remember if I made it or my mum did. I remember having the clothes for it though. It brought back way too many memories for me not to buy it! It cost me a whole 50p!

This was probably the biggest bargain of the day. An unused tapestry canvas AND all of the skeins of tapestry wool:
Again, it cost me a whole 50p!!!!!!! I started sewing some of it yesterday – it’s going to take FOREVER!

Ben really wants to do up a rat rod and is learning sign-painting as well as pin-striping. I found him these magazines:
These cost a whole £1 for the lot 🙂

A VERY successful haul methinks.