2000 vs 2012

I saw this on Pinterest and tried to follow the links to find the original but I came to a dead end eventually as the original didn’t have a link but a name and I couldn’t find that name (does that make sense? In my head it does).

So apologies if you’re the creator of this wonderful graph – please let me know so I can credit you!  Anyway – onto why this sparked a blog post from me.

I’m a secondary school teacher and I’m constantly having discussions with students about what ‘life was like’ before the internet, when the world was black and white (truly, I’ve had that conversation with more than one student), what records are, what it was like to not have surround sound and interactive white boards.

I don’t know what I’d do without the little computer I have in my bag each day.  I can contact any one I want, I can let the world know what I’m up to, stalk my favourite writers, musicians, artists, photographers etc., watch TV, listen to music, plan my day … it’s insane.

It’s true to say that I love my iPhone.  Not in a ridiculous way, but I do love it in the way that some women love their hand bags, or their Jimmy Choos.

But some days, if I’m honest, I’d like to go back to simpler times.  Just briefly.  It might make me appreciate how far we’ve come with technology.