365 Treasures


I have a lot of what some would call ‘tat’ in my life … I call them my ‘treasures’ or indeed ‘tomorrow’s antiques’.  I thought I would document them all as there has to be one day when I let them go.  I need to ‘downsize’ and to clear my clutter; so this is going to document the plastic fantastics that are part of my life and are perhaps soon to be moved on to maybe a more loving home.

Today is my Hit Girl bobble-head.

16075987295_e2651903c4_oI love this bobble-head – Hit Girl is one of my favourite film characters – not just because she dropped the ‘c-bomb’.  Unfortunately, she also holds too many memories for me.

Mainly because of this scene and this name.  B used to call me ‘baby doll’ … and although it wasn’t my favourite ‘pet name’, it was the name he gave me.  I even had a Kick Ass t-shirt with ‘Good Call Baby Doll’ on it.  I gave it back to him when I packed his stuff up – I couldn’t bear to wear it again.

But I like this bobble-head … *sigh* … what to do? What to do?  I don’t know whether to get rid or keep.

Anyone want to make me an offer?!?!