From the 149 bus – Hipstamatic Stylee

I’ve been taking the bus from London Bridge to Tottenham most mornings this week and often repeating the journey home. Mainly because I’ve had a lot of marking to carry and getting on and off buses and trains is too much for my poor old back. I’d rather just sit on the bus, listen to my ipod and either read or, as I have been this week, obsessively photographing my journey.
The bus route takes me from London Bridge, through The City to Liverpool Street, out to Shoreditch, Dalston, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill and finally onto Tottenham. There are always new things I discover on the way to snap away at using Hipstamatic. I’ve tried other phone apps but I keep coming back to Hipstamatic. It works so well for me, the ability to ‘change lenses’, ‘change film’ and it’s really restricting – which is fun. It’s not like I have the ‘beast’ (what I call my DSLR with its f2.8 70 – 200 lens attached) with me and can zoom in and zoom out at will. Change speed, aperture etc. to suit the lighting. Oh no, with Hipstamatic I point and shoot.
Currently I’m rocking this combo:
Lens: Lucas AB2
Film: DC
Which seems to give everything a nice warm glow.
Some of these photographs were featured here on the wonderful Little London Observationist blog but I wanted to add my twopenneth regarding my LOVE of Hipstamatic. So enjoy this little bus journey with me through thick fog and sunshine.

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I also managed to get an ok photo of the Banksy piece in Tottenham.  One day, when I’m not so tired after a day at work, I’ll get off and actually photograph it properly.