Big Bang Theory Quotes #1

I’m sure there are more important things I should be doing right now.

BIG THANKS go to Big Bang Theory Transcripts who has done a brilliant job of transcribing virtually all of the episodes.


Sheldon Cooper

To be perfectly honest I need a day off from the abuse and ranting that has been dominating my inbox recently so I thought I’d share one of my new loves with you – this man:

original source: http://sheldoncooper.org/

I ‘discovered’ Big Bang Theory about 6 months ago – it was on after Scrubs on E4.  Scrubs has jumped the shark slightly after the ‘musical’ episode (why why why did everyone think that they could repeat the marvellous episode of Buffy – Once More With Feeling?).  I was instantly hooked and am actually now; a fan!

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos, quotes etc. from this show – no nasty comments from internet trolls for me to try and respond to, just happy happy happy times and lots of chuckles!