I think this atheist is going to church tomorrow …

… don’t ask why, because I’m going to tell you.

I’ve been a form tutor to my tutor group for 4 1/2 years and they’re about to leave this summer 😦  One of my tutor group, let’s call him J, has been a pain in my ass for many of those 4 1/2 years, but I have a lot of time for him, despite his annoyances.  Not just him, but the rest of his family too.  I’ve taught his older sister, it looks like I’m about to teach his younger brother, and I’ve known his mum well for all those years.

Recently, at a parents’ evening his mum asked for my phone number again because she wanted to ‘take me out’.  At another parents’ evening she said she was going to take me out THIS Sunday – ‘we’ll meet some people, have some chats and then go for a drink.’

Hmmm, now I know the family are EXTREMELY religious and J and I have had MANY conversations about my beliefs, or indeed, my lack of them.  In fact we’ve had many heated discussions about how being gay isn’t a choice (he came back and said he was 85% convinced that my argument was correct – as much as he hated to admit it).  Anyway, I guess he’s gone home and discussed this with his mum and YET AGAIN people have decided they need to save my soul.

So will I go?  At the moment I’m undecided, it depends on what happens tonight (if anything).  I’d like to, as I like the family and I think that as much as I don’t agree with their belief system, I do think that I have to show that I am as open-minded as I ask believers to be.  However, I am nervous.  How do I do it without laughing the whole way through the service?  Without rolling my eyes, tutting or simply bursting into flames as I walk through the church door?  How am I ‘polite’ yet ‘firm’ that I cannot be converted?  That I’ve been there and done that?

It’s a conundrum … perhaps I need to listen to my ‘secular playlist’ some more for inspiration.


Atheist quotes #2

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