Pinterest – home crafts, recipes, shopping, styling and vitriol

Yes, another post about Pinterest.  In fact, the way things are going, I think most of my blog entries will be centered around this hot-bed of vintage styling, mason jars and hostility.

For the past few days I’ve not been checking my comments, despite the plethora that have been falling into my inbox every day.  I’ve been busy at work (yes, I do work, despite being a liberal!).  However today, in a rare lull on my journey into work that wasn’t full of marking, I decided to check these comments.  Oh my.  I have a new visitor! (FYI  – the Catholic and I have buried our hatchets and not in each others’ metaphorical heads) And it’s safe to say that this one’s a DOOZIE 🙂

Exhibit A:

What is wrong with this poster?  Can you see anything?  I’ve looked and looked and looked.  I’ve tried to see it from the ‘opposite’ point of view and even then I can’t fathom what is insulting, un-patriotic, ignorant or any other such insult that has come my way.

This is the first comment posted about it:

This is an insult to ever American Soldier that has been injuried in the line of duty to protect ungrateful idiots like you. You should be deported with your ungrateful ass.

Makes me laugh that she actually wanted to deport me from a country I don’t even live in!

That aside – where is the insult?  Where am I being ungrateful?

Exhibit B:

Yes, I can see how this is slightly more controversial if you lean right.  However, unless you are the 1% I cannot see where the argument against this is, however our friend can:

Maybe because it’s the truth! If you have ever had to actually work and see the fools running around and how worthless people truely are now days, maybe you would actually have a grip on reality rather than your fairy-tale of spreading the wealth. People have to work for a living for THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILY, not yours. People have money for a reason and they dont owe YOU a thing!!! Are you willing to give away your hard earned money to some worthless person or anyone for that matter? Didnt think so you hypocrite.Get a life and experience self reliance. People work hard for their money and arent obligated to dish it out to all the lazy people. Get a grip you ignorant fool.

I don’t really know where to start with this comment so I will simply post my response:

Hey Julie – good to see you here as well. So, I guess I should respond to this however, yet again, I have to respond to something that is ill-informed, vitriolic and frankly insulting. Firstly where does your assumption that I have never actually had to work come from? I have had a job, be it part time or full time (depending upon my circumstances) since I was 16. I work from 7:30am until 7:30pm and beyond most days. I have a career and yet, I still hold true to my pin above. Are you one of the 1%? No I didn’t think so, so why are you supporting people who are sucking the life out of your country? Why do you support a system that allows large corporations, such as General Electric, to avoid taxes? Do you pay taxes? If you work I’m sure you do. So why should they get away with not paying taxes when you have to? Can you see the logic in that or is the red mist still in your eyes? I don’t mind you coming onto my boards and spouting your vitriol, however you need to realise that I am NOT an ignorant fool. In the same way that I assume neither are you. We simply have opposing views. However I do not resort to name calling – instead I resort to reasoned debate. If you want to have a reasoned debate can you please stop the name calling and actually behave like a grown up.

I know, I know, I really shouldn’t give her the time of day but I LOVE a good reasoned debate and in the end the previous woman and I ended up having a reasoned debate.  Unfortunately due to the level of insults going on with this one I don’t think it will ever get to that.

Exhibit C: (yes, there’s more!)

It’s meant to be funny right? Yes I know it’s a bit silly but it made me laugh.

Her response however is unintelligible:

“You would think that. You have the most absurd profile Ive ever seen. Corrupt much”

? Can someone explain because I don’t understand it.

This is my ‘absurd’ profile:

Teacher, photographer, doodler, hoarder, stumbler, collector, connector and many other things ending in ‘er’. I’m a liberal, a pacifist, a vegetarian, a lover not a hater. I upcycle, recycle, eat my veg and my fruit.

I suppose if you are the complete opposite it may seem absurd to you – however – I don’t call myself ‘TheBombdiggidy’ – oh dear – she’s got me insulting her now.  STOP STOP STOP!

Exhibit D: (I’m sorry!)
“It is not up to one man to save all these kids. Maybe they shouldnt be breeding and having kids they cant support. How about logic”

Does she even read these?  I wasn’t saying that he should look after them!

Unfortunately I succumbed and this was my response.  Like before, I’m not proud of it but I’m keeping it there.  I am just exasperated with how nasty she is being:

Why – here you are again Julie – thanks for joining us here too. So let me explain – it’s not expecting Steve Jobs to look after all these poor children – it’s about compassion. See, there was once a man called Jesus and apparently he was compassionate. I have never come across someone as hateful as you and I hate myself for resorting to your tactics – but the more I read your comments the more I think you need to sit down, have a nice cup of tea and just chill out for a bit. Being this angry and this unreasonable must be doing something bad to your blood pressure.

Exhibit E: (yup – she had a FIELD-DAY on my board!)

Really – she was at her BEST when she responded to this one:

You’re an idiot

Really – what can I say?  Obviously I am – I really must be.


The caption I wrote under this was:

You should realise you’ve gone too far when even the Ku Klux Klan doesn’t agree with your actions. Ku Klux Klan says it doesn’t condone the Tea Party, Westboro Baptist Church or the Koran burning!

Now an absolutely LOVELY lady, who’s a Christian, who makes reasoned and sane comments on my pins said:

Most Christians do not agree with what Westboro does. I personally believe it is a cult.

Now here we go – are you ready for Julie’s comment?:

It is a cult! Im a Christian and strongly agree with their actions but let the ignorant believe what they will, who are we to judge.

There we go.  THERE WE GO!  Case closed.  I don’t think I need to say any more do I?



Following Julie’s comments below I have issued an apology for the over-sight in her revocation of the ‘I agree with the Westboro’ comment – you can read it here: an apology

Also she stated that I hadn’t copied the comment sparring in their entirety – I did this for various reasons – mainly editing and also wanting to perhaps preserve her identity.   However if you go to this board here and scroll down you will find the pins and can read the full conversations if you wish.  


for the easily distracted

As you have probably guessed from the title of this blog I have a very short attention span.  It is not ADD or anything like that, I simply get distracted relatively easily and am interested in so many things that I find it hard to focus my concentration on one.

In the past I have set up blogs about a passion of mine; which have slowly fallen to the wayside because I have not lost interest in that thing, but am not pursuing it with the vigor that I once was.  Therefore interest in maintaining a blog about this one thing became difficult.

I then decided this morning, after waking and not being able to get back to sleep again, to see if I could maintain a blog about ALL of the things I get interested in.  That I could just blog about what I love – be it photography, art, mixed media, vintage, second-hand living, London, cemeteries, collecting, making, comics, hamsters, food, music, film, documentary, television, teaching, the media, culture, politics, religion … the list could go on.

This will almost become the online scrapbook of my mind, documenting my thoughts and finds.

We’ll see how it goes shall we?